Hair Materials
Synthetic / Nylon Hair
1.Easier to clean thoroughly 2.Stands up to solvents, keeps shape well. 3.Dries quicker after washing 4.Cruelty free 5.No protein element 6.Vegan friendly 7.Tends to be firmer, though more flexible versions are available 8.Better for cream, gel, liquid, but not as effective as powder 9.Powders can also be applied with synthetic designed specifically for purpose
Animal Hair Goat hair
1.Most common type used in makeup brushes. 2.Highly effective at packing and applying powder 3.Can conceal pores efficiently and deliver a radiant and glowy finish In China, there are more than 20 grades of goat hair: XGF, ZGF, BJF, HJF,#2, #10, Double Drawn, Single Drawn etc. XGF is the best quality and most expensive. Fewer customers and users can afford the makeup brushes with XGF or ZGF. BJF is better than HJF and has been applied better for top-grade makeup brushes. But some famous brands like MAC usually use HJF for some of their brushes. #2 is the best in medium-quality goat hair. It is harsh. You can only feel its softness in the toe. #10 is worse than #2. It is very harsh and applied for cheap and small brushes. Double drawn & Single Drawn hair is the worst goat hair. It doesn’t have toe. And it is quite harsh, more applied for those disposable makeup brushes.
Horse/Pony hair
1.Has a cylindrical shape 2.Equal thickness from root to top 3.Durable and strong. 4.Excellent for contouring due to the strong snap. 5.The first choice for eye brushes, because of its softness, competitive price, and flexible.
Squirrel hair
1.Thin, with a pointed tip and uniform body. 2.With little or no spring. 3.Good for dry or sensitive skin 4.Deliver soft coverage with natural result
Weasel/Sable hair
1.Soft, elastic, resilient, flexible and durable 2.Great for coloring and precision work 3.Can be applied not only with powder but with liquid or cream makeup
Badger hair
1.The tip is very thin 2.The root is rough, thick and elastic 3.Used in Brushes that work to define and shape 4.Ideal for eyebrow brushes 5.China is the main source of badger hair for makeup brushes
Boar hair
1.Very porous 2.Picks up more pigments and distributes them evenly 3.Boar hair bristles may also assist in easily controlling your makeup when blending

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