TCM-based Skin Care/Makeup Products

2020-12-25 10:21

TCM-based skin care products have been gaining momentum in the last few years as cosmetic brands and consumers alike discover their appeal and potential.

Some brands combines TCM ingredients such as lingzhi mushroom and ginseng with modern technology to develop products tailored for Asians’ delicate skin.

Long favored by the older generation, TCM-inspired skin care products are now growing popular among people in their 20s, who found the mild nature of the TCM ingredients better suits Chinese skin. TCM-based face mask, essence, skin milk……More and more skin care products start to take the TMC idea. Compared with general face mask, TMC-based mineral mask brings better experience feeling to users who trust TMC effect. Just imagine each brush carries a medicinal scent while apply the mineral on your face, will you feel more secure to its ingredient?

Not only skin care products, if you search it on the shopping website, you will find here more and more brands has produced their own TCM-based makeup products. TCM-based liquid foundation was favored by a group who believed it will reduce allergy and brings some benefit to their skin.

Instead of traditional famous brands, the young customers favor more nascent brands which are better at marketing themselves in new, flexible ways, including promotions on WeChat and Taobao.

So, will you have the interest to give TCM-base skin care/makeup product a try? By the way, don’t forget to get a high quality foundation brush before try TCM-based liquid foundation, it will makes your makeup half the work with double results.

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