How to achieve the “hangover” look

2020-12-25 10:22

Red-rimmed eyes and puffy under-eye circles are usually covered up after a night out at the bar. But some people are now embracing this “hangover” look – even hoping to recreate it on purpose, with the help of makeup.

This new beauty trend originated in South Korea and Japan. It consists of two parts: creating Korean “aegyo sal” – the little bags under your eyes that crinkle up when you smile – as well as a Japanese “byojaku face”, which involves mimicking a “sickly face” by applying blush directly under the eyes.

The trend has grown in popularity. So how to achieve the “hangover” look?

1. Not necessarily tired

Despite the name, “hangover makeup” doesn’t necessarily make you look beaten down. In fact, the under-eye blush was originally designed to look vulnerable and innocent because it gives the impression that you have been crying or outdoors in cold weather. This look gives off the unapproachable, damsel-in-distress vibe that makes people want to protect them. In South Korea, the “aegyo-sal” is believed to make you look younger and more playful.

However, it’s important to know that puffy eyes are not the same thing as eye bags, eye bags are usually darker than your natural skin tone and their sagging look can age you. Puffy eyes are the opposite.

2. How to master this look?

Unlike lots of complicated beauty trends, the “hangover” look is simple to master.

Before you start using regular eye makeup like eyeliners and mascara, apply white eye shadow along your lower lash line to highlight and create an illusion of puffiness. Then, using a brown color, create a line underneath the white highlights. This will give the illusion of shadow and depth. You can use different kind of eye shadow brushes while do this job. Smaller and flat eye shadow brush is suitable.

The next step is to apply pink or rose-colored blush high on your cheekbones to give your face a reddish glow.

By the way, remember to adapt your makeup according to the occasion. Different blush brushes can help to control your blush area and show color easier. In particular, adjust the thickness of your blush. You can apply a heavier amount for parties or outings with friends, but for school or job interviews, try to make it subtle. After all, your professors and bosses might not appreciate a “tired” face, no matter how doll-like you look.

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